Drew Kellum (stylized: Drew d'Lakes) is a Twin Cities boundary pushing, neptunical indie rock/new music composer, six families member, and sound designer. He has ranked 2nd place in the annual Bob Dylan Festival w/ his belated band The Riverside Coalition and has his semi-current band's music in stores around the metro (their name is Ensyn). He is a multi-instrumentalist: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drum Machine, Cello, Autoharp, 

ATM Drew is working on solo performance pieces that integrate textural music and storytelling. Per usual, themes involve, odd history facts, planetary destruction from his post-"solar system" experiences abroad, and odd situations. He is also continuing to write his own brand of dreamscape nonsense indie music (which he is seeking other musicians for). Drew is available as a recording engineer, producer, friend, instrumentalist, acquaintance, instructor, and g00f.